Coccyx Orthopaedic memory foam seat cushion

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Ergonomically designed high-density memory foam provides sitting pain relief and assists in back pain relief. Contoured shape helps ease sciatica pain and promotes good posture.

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    • Ergonomic Design: Contoured seating area improves scope for blood circulation reducing the risk of sciatica episodes;

    • Cutaway U shape: Relieves pressure on the coccyx [tailbone];

    • High Density Memory Foam: Premium grade memory foam responds to body heat and aids muscle relaxation;

    • Lightweight & Portable: At less than 600 grams our seat cushion has a side handle that promotes easy carriage;

    • Non-Slip Rubber bottom: Reduces slippage and the need for constant readjustment.

    • Custom Eco-Friendly Storage Bag: Stylish carry bag protects your seat cushion. A discrete travel cushion;

    • Machine Washable: Outer cover can be unzipped, removed and washed at 40 degrees.

    • Firm & Medium Firm Options: Not too hard or too soft – Just right! Recommended Maximum Firm/Medium Firm 130 kgs / 70 kgs

    • Personalisation: make it personal! For ‘Mum’ ‘Dad’ ‘Loved up’ – Up to 12 characters [for additional £3]

    • One Year Guarantee: Risk-free guarantee for one year. If not happy – return for a quibble-free full refund.


  • Padded Seating – Sitting pain relief wherever you go. Solution for hard benches and long journeys

  • Lightweight & Portable – travel-friendly!

  • Breathable Mesh fabric releases perspiration quickly making it ideal for long car journeys

  • Easy clean – machine washable cover

  • Risk-free guarantee


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9 reviews for Coccyx Orthopaedic memory foam seat cushion

  1. mo

    Since getting the seat cushion the pain I was having in my hip and lower back has eased, it’s only been a week but I feel the difference already. Being a large built person on the heavy side I think if it had been thicker it would be even better, but I am pleased that it has helped and I’m starting to get around more now the pain is easing. Great value for money and having a bag for it means I can take it with me easily for travel and work 👍👍

  2. D Cox

    Arrived on time actually earlier than expected! It comes in its own carry case/bag therefore easy to carry (folds in half to save space). It felt quite hard at first but after trialling sitting on it, it softens and molds to your body. So took it with me and after 2/3 hours into my 9 hour flight I knew I needed to use it. After a few minutes of sitting on the cushion the pain my coccyx subsided and after a short while I had no pain! No pain for the rest of my journey so much so my dad’s back was hurting so I gave the cushion to him to sit on and it relieved his back pain too!This cushion is a great buy and works wonders. No need to buy an expensive product. This cushion does exactly what you need for a great price!

  3. PCM

    If I sit for more than an hour I suffer from significant coccyx pain due to spinal surgery so it was with some trepidation that I planned a holiday to New Zealand and the USA. The cushion is much wider and deeper than I expected and only just fitted into the BA economy seats (other airlines had larger economy seats)but it made an amazing difference, the extra depth meant that it was not over compressed and rendered ineffective like I have found with other cushions after I sat on it for over 12 hours at a time. I now use the cushion in my car50 hours flying and 26000 miles later and I had no coccyx pain to spoil my wonderful holiday. Well worth the cost and inconvenience of carrying a large cushion on my holidays.

  4. Adrian

    I’ve suffered from sciatica for years and actually had to leave my previous office job because of the pain. I’ve heard about these cushions before but thought they might be overrated or one of those ‘miracle cures’ that actually have no impact. But…*touch wood*… I have noticed such a big difference already. For the first time in months, I’ve been able to go out for dinner with my friends and not have to leave early from pain – I took the cushion and just sat on it in the restaurant. I felt a bit stupid but ah well! I had a few questions to ask SmithHillman about the cushion before I bought it and they were so lovely; I don’t live too far from them and they offered to pop round with an example cushion to see if it would suit my complaint. I didn’t take them up on the offer but I thought it was nice that they asked!!

  5. Carly

    I bought this product with some trepidation. As a physio, I’m normally very, very hard on products like this, as I find that often, they don’t do what they promise to. This cushion certainly offloads the coccyx, and did make my chair a little more comfortable. However, it was far from perfect. the memory foam is very, very firm, and doesn’t soften with heat, metning that this cushion would be better suited for those on the heavier end of the scale to get the full benefit from. It is also very form fitting, meaning that, if you follow advice to have this as your only cushion on the chair, a lot of lg is in contact with a non-cushioned surface. I’d say it is a good cushion for increasing comfort in the car or on a flight, but definitely wouldn’t be recommended for those sekaing pressure relief, or relief from neuropathic pain caused by piriformis involvement. It’s nicely made though, and generally does what it promises, which is why it got the rating it did.

  6. penguinfan

    I have a problem with my coccyx and sitting bones when sitting and have been trying to find a cushion that helps relieve it. I tried two from Smith Hillman, a soft and a firmer one. Unfortunately neither helped me: one was too soft, one too hard. I guess I’m like Goldilocks. I had to seek a refund for both, with no problem (I am currently waiting on the second)However, the customer care and efficiency of the company was excellent, which is why I am giving them 4 stars, even though the product was not right for me.The cushions were well made, with a carry bag. I need one for a long flight, and although the cushion folds in two it is still quite bulky.

  7. Cammie

    I’m so pleased with this item.You can tell this orthopaedic cushion is good quality, unlike the cheap ones that flatten with little use. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and osteoarthritis in my spin, si joint and hips. Sitting is incredibly painful. I ordered this item as was going away and knew it would be a long drive. After 5 hrs in the car, I can highly recommend this cushion.Gives great support and takes pressure away from the most painful areas.I took advice from the seller to which type would suit me best as they sell a medium/firm or firm. I went with firm & found it very comfortable. Great value for money.

  8. D. W. READE

    Extremelly good quality and it has certainly helped by back pain. I use it in my study on an office chair for at least 6 hours a day sometimes longer and I have noticed the difference it has made. I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 as it is a little on the soft side, I am a big man in the region of 19 – 20 stone and a firmer cusion would have been much better. A suggestion would be for amazon to offer a choice firmness when ordering. Due to the softness I do not exspect it to last long. Having spoke to Smith Hillman the were happy to send me a firm cushion. Smith Hillman service is second to none, I recieved the firm cushion within 20 Hrs of speaking to them. The new cusion is excellent and I would recomend it. They have taken on board my suggestion with regard to firmness when ordering and have actioned it. Well done Smith Hillman and there helpfull staff.

  9. Nigel

    I had suffered 11 weeks of excruciating pain in my lower back, causing me to be bent double, unable to straighten up without being reduced to tears & having to sit hunched forward. Without exaggeration, after only 10 minutes of sitting on this cushion, that was no longer the case – blessed relief! One day’s use & my back had “shifted” itself & my posture was so much better. No pain! I’ve used it every day since & thank you for it. It is well-made & shows no sign of wear yet.

    • Vindy

      I know from first hand experience what a joy it is to find ‘the thing’ that stops the pain. So pleased to have played a small role in facilitating pain relief.

      Thank you for your feedback.

      All the best

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