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The Seat Cushion can be used on most sitting spaces, e.g the floor, hard bench, car seats. Some customers have found the cushion works on a bed when resting against the headboard. However, the Seat Cushion functions best when seating has a firm base and a back – so most chairs are ideal – especially the hard kitchen chair. Consider trying a Seat Cushion as an alternative to shelling out for a new chair or use it in an existing chair for added comfort and posture support.

The Seat Cushion is not suitable for the bath or shower I’m afraid. However, the outer cover is machine washable and dries quickly so will maintain its fresh look for quite some time.

Our Donut Cushion comes in one size and currently just one cover – soft tactile velour fabric. The generous cushion size is sufficient to fit most chair seats and also car/coach/van seats and airplane seats too. The cushion should not hang over the side of seating because it will not provide stable sitting and will not give the required pressure relief.

Customers’ product reviews indicate they have experienced sciatica pain management, coccyx and haemorrhoid pain relief as the U shape removes pressure. Please have a look through the product reviews. Customers have been quite forthcoming on the benefits. We offer a 12 month money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. I hope this helps

Yes to both questions. The customised storage bag protects the Seat Cushion and keeps it clean. It has been widely used on long haul flights and also on coach trips. The contoured memory foam core provides extra support and padding making it much better than an ordinary cushion.

The seat cushion at its thickest point is 7cm – the contoured effect means there is variable depth; from side to handle side the length is approximately 47 cm; from back to front it is approx. 36 cm.

The Donut Cushion provides instant pain relief for piles / hemorrhoids as it removes pressure on the affected tender areas. The memory foam ring provides a sturdy sitting support as well as therapeutic benefits for after surgery recovery.

The seat cushions are available in four colours – deep blue / red / gey and black 3D breathable mesh outer cover and a black velour fabric. The gel seat cushion and donut ring are available only in soft black velour.

For our Seat Cushions we recommend a maximum weight of about 80 kgs [180 lbs]. To some extent this really depends on personal preference as some customers prefer a very firm cushion and others not so much.

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